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A Guide to Wildlife in Negril, Jamaica

Travelers who are looking for a beautiful and inviting vacation destination to enjoy where they can embrace the best of tropical vibes will find it waiting for them in Negril, Jamaica. This gorgeous getaway locale is loved by travelers from across the globe with good reason. Here, it’s just as easy to spend time on the water in style as it is to soak up the sun from the sand, enjoy delicious moments or make the most of great entertainment venues too! It’s also a destination where wildlife enthusiasts can have their fill of moments observing truly incredible creatures across rich and diverse ecosystems. When you’re looking to connect with some of nature’s most fascinating inhabitants, Negril is the place to be.

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What Type of Wildlife You Can See

A trip to Negril is an opportunity to get your eyes on amazing creatures of all kinds. Here, you’ll encounter a variety of bird species with recent counts sitting at over 28 varieties! The Jamaican Tody is always fun to spot with its green feathers that fit perfectly into the tropical surroundings. It’s the red chin that gives it away if you have a keen eye for birdwatching. You’ll also have a chance to spot the Jamaican Mango Hummingbird during your visit which captivates birding enthusiasts with its fluorescent pink tail plumage. In the evenings, Negril sees the Jamaican Owl come out to hunt which is amazing to view for yourself if you’re up for the search. The Swallow Tail Hummingbird is listed as Jamaica’s national bird and is defined by its iridescent green feathers that are always beautiful to behold.

Moving from the sky to the ground, wildlife watchers in Negril can count on seeing everything from geckos and lizards to anoles and many other types of amphibians in between. The diverse ecosystems in Negril also provide snakes with habitats in which to thrive including the endangered yellow boa.

Swallow Tail Hummingbird

From ground to sea, the wildlife adventures in Negril only continue! Visitors have opportunities to get eyes on everything from dolphins and sea turtles in the waves to sting rays too. Jamaica is also home to the American crocodiles that live in the Black River and can reach up to 20 feet in length.

Tours to Take with a Focus on Wildlife Spotting

While those heading to Negril can always take advantage of independent wildlife adventures during their stay, booking a tour alongside a knowledgeable guide is a good way to learn more and maximize your experiences. Consider booking a sail and snorkel tour when you’re looking to get your sights on underwater wildlife like dolphins or sea turtles. A chartered eco-friendly sunset sail can also provide amazing views of dolphins jumping in the waves. There are many excursions that offer guests opportunities to enjoy bamboo rafting tours on the river for a closer look at wildlife in these unique waterways.

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