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Benefits of Off-Season Travel to Negril

A trip to Negril, Jamaica is always an exciting prospect for travelers who most easily find their vacation state of mind in destinations where sun, sand, and surf abound. Here, it’s just as easy to spend luxurious afternoons with your toes dug into the sand as it is to fill an itinerary with world-class dining shops and amazing shopping adventures as well. Whether you’re one for time on the water or time on the shoreline soaking up the views, Negril is a place with something wonderful waiting for you. That said, there are certain peak travel times of the year when you’re bound to find more travelers heading this way. If you’re looking for a more relaxed getaway to enjoy, booking an off-season adventure to Negril could be the way to go for a few important reasons.

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You’ll Encounter Fewer Crowds

Negril hosts two shoulder seasons which run from mid-April to May and November to mid-December. During each of these shoulder seasons, visitors will find that Negril is refreshingly quiet with fewer crowds to contend with than you might find here mid-summer or at the end of December. This inevitably means that when you’re looking forward to spending relaxing time on the sand, you’ll have every reason and plenty of space to do exactly that. Off-season travelers have more options when it comes to checking out shorelines that might be packed during high-travel season. This time of year, the options open up and you won’t have to worry so much about getting anywhere early either.

Off-Season Comes with Amazing Weather

Far from the rising temperatures of summer, off-season travelers to Negril will enjoy spectacular weather that’s a bit more mild and equally inviting and sunny. Mid-April to May see daytime temperatures lingering in the high 70s while the November to mid-December timeframe enjoys wonderful weather sitting right at the end of the rainy season. No matter which way you spin in, off-season travel is bound to be a comfortable experience weather-wise.

Enjoy Low Rates

There’s a good chance that when you book an off-season trip to Negril, you’ll be in a great position to enjoy some well-deserved low rates on just about everything. From November to mid-December especially, hospitality companies are wrapping up any and all renovations on-site, and services are focused and fine-tuned before the summer crowds roll in. Hurricane season officially comes to a close on November 30 each year, so up until that time, you’ll likely have access to great deals at resorts, beaches, and restaurants looking to boost business while traveler numbers are low.

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