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Explore These Amazing Waterfalls in Negril

Travelers are frequently drawn to Jamaica as a vacation destination in the name of beautiful views, beaches, and deep blue waters. For those who love to explore, Jamaica is a place where lush rainforests beckon, and within the tropical greenery, inspiring waterfalls can be found! When your travel plans bring you to Negril, be sure to add stops at the following cascades to your must-visit list for a truly unforgettable island stay.

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YS Falls

One of the most popular and impressive waterfalls near Negril is known as YS Falls. Here, visitors will be able to enjoy encounters with no less than seven cascades in total complete with options for hiking and swimming in the pools below. Nature photographers will find their fill of options for capturing amazing views on camera at YS Falls while the spring-fed pools are monitored by lifeguards so visitors can enjoy added peace of mind too. Nearby there are opportunities to zipline above the tree canopy for guests looking for even more adrenaline-pumping fun and a unique vantage point over the cascades.

Mayfield Falls

Another great stop to add to the itinerary for cascade chasers heading to Negril is Mayfield Falls. Located just an hour outside Negril, Mayfield Falls offers up a beautiful waterfall view within surroundings that reflect a deep jungle aesthetic. Here, you can pair your waterfall watching with wildlife spotting. The falls are also within reach of at least 50 exotic plant species to discover! There are guided tours of Mayfield Falls available to guests upon arrival that are typically about an hour and a half long. These include a nearby river walk and plenty of insight offered up into the area’s topography and history along the way.

Fenton Falls

While they may not be the biggest waterfalls in the area, Fenton Falls are the closest to Negril and certainly worth a visit while you’re here! These waterfalls are located on private land and can be reached with a gentle hike through a pasture lined with jackfruit trees. Fenton Falls is the meeting point of three area rivers, making the destination ultra scenic and lush. There are multiple pools to enjoy, and a visit here comes with fewer crowds than other waterfall destinations too.

What to Pack for Your Waterfall Visits

Enjoying the waterfalls of Negril is a great experience, but there are a few things you’re going to want to make sure you pack for your outing. These natural waterfall areas can get slippery after it rains, so it’s important to check weather conditions before you head out on an adventure to seek cascades. It’s highly recommended that travelers have water shoes packed when they’re visiting local waterfalls and having water and snacks handy can be helpful as well. If you opt for a guided tour at any of the sights, keep in mind that tipping your guide in Jamaica is customary.

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