Aerial view of the west end cliffs of negril

Here is why Negril, Jamaica is one of the safest Jamaican destinations!

You may ask yourself, is Negril, Jamaica safe for tourists? The answer is yes! Escaping to the Caribbean is about leaving your stress behind and experiencing the island’s beauty! Jamaica is one of the premier destinations for those seeking fun in the sun! Best of all, Negril is one of Jamaica’s safest areas. Tourists are always free to explore the town and experience the local culture. In this blog, we’ll explore the Negril area and see why it is highly regarded by all who visit! Now that you’re set on visiting us be sure to request our Vacation Guide. Inside you’ll find all of our top recommendations, from restaurants to local attractions. Now, let’s start exploring! 

Is Negril, Jamaica Safe for Tourists?

How Safe Is Negril?

Negril is one of the safest areas for tourists to visit and explore. The local government has placed a priority on safety and security. Visitors to the area are safe to explore the resort and nearby areas! Enjoy the pristine beaches and local attractions while rest assured that you are safe. As with any vacation, travelers are encouraged to stay smart and aware of their surroundings when visiting. Taking precautions is always recommended, so stay aware when exploring unknown areas. 


What Safety Precautions Does Ocean Cliff Hotel Have?

At the Ocean Cliff Hotel, we pride ourselves on ensuring our guests are always safe. From when you arrive in Jamaica to when you leave, our staff and trusted partners keep your safety and needs top of mind. Our transportation services and excursions to areas around Negril are well-organized and take any stress away!  

General Safety Tips for Visiting Jamaica

Visiting Jamaica is all about taking precautions and visiting tourist-friendly areas. As a whole, Jamaican residents are friendly to visitors because of the friendly culture. However, tourists can be subject to petty crime. Make sure to always keep your belongings in sight and avoid scammers. Scammers are usually seen in high-traffic areas such as busy streets and beaches. Tourists are encouraged to dismiss their services and continue on their way. You’ll love visiting Jamaica. We are known for a relaxed vibe and friendly locals! 

Safe Locations 

Negril is home to many tourist attractions. Many of the activities that tourists enjoy can be experienced right at the hotel! Snorkelingcliffside yoga, and cooking classes are all available for guests to enjoy! Other activities such as hiking, river rafting, relaxing on the beach, and much more are just minutes away. Planning a trip to safe attractions can be planned through our staff. We are happy to provide transportation services to keep your mind at ease! 

Now That You’re Sold on Negril Begin Planning Your Dream Escape!

Check into the Ocean Cliff Hotel and enjoy a worry-free vacation in one of the safest areas in Jamaica! Our hotel has all of the amenities to make you feel right at home in paradise! Our cottages are designed to leave you rejuvenated. See why Negril is one of the premier Caribbean destinations today! 

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