Negril Jamaica

What Is Negril, Jamaica, Known For? Discover What Makes This Place so Special!

Negril, Jamaica, is known for beautiful, sandy beaches, warm weather almost year-round, and friendly locals waiting to show visitors our hospitality! Even though these are a large part of what makes Negril so unique, there is much more to our slice of paradise! In this blog, we’ll explore what Negril Jamaica is known for and how visitors can learn more about this area! For even more about Negril, be sure to download our Vacation Guide! This guide is your tool for everything, Negril! Now, let’s explore our extraordinary town! 

What Is Negril Jamaica Known For?  


We wouldn’t be able to talk about Negril without mentioning the beaches! Our beaches are simply breathtaking. Crystal-clear blue waters, white sand, and the beautiful Jamaican sun define them! Seven Mile Beach, Bloody Bay, and more are available for visitors to enjoy! Once you’re here on the e beach, you’ll probably never want to leave! When you do, explore the area and mingle with friendly locals. 

Seven Mile Beach

A Rich History 

Negril has a long and storied history. Even more exciting is that visitors can explore the past here in Negril. When Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica in 1494, Jamaica was populated by the native Arawaks; over the centuries, these native people died from diseases and colonization by Spanish and British settlers. During this time, Negril was known as Negrillo, meaning “small black ones.” Some say this refers to the cliffs south of town. Others believe that black eels are the reason for the name. Eventually, the name changed to Negril, as it is known today. Negril became the popular Caribbean destination it is today during the latter half of the 20th century. 

A Range of Activities

Negril offers more than relaxing days on the beach. It also holds some of the best activities in Jamaica! From relaxing spa treatments to snorkeling and even cooking classes. What you can do in Negril is limited only to your imagination! What’s more, no matter what activity you choose, Negril will make sure it’s a memorable experience! Now, pick your favorite one! 


Unmatched Relaxation 

Negril is known for its relaxed atmosphere. What sets Negril apart from other destinations in Jamaica is the fact that it’s known for being laid back, even during peak tourist season! No matter what time of year you come to visit, you can expect a leisurely and tranquil experience here in Negril. To make your experience even more seamless, we have the perfect amenities to complement your stay! 

Stay With Ocean Cliff Hotel Negril and Experience the Very Best of Jamaica!

Feel the relaxing ocean breeze as you sip on a delicious craft cocktail, lounge by the pool and enjoy the warm sun, or make lifelong memories with loved ones exploring the area. No matter what you are looking for, we have it! Explore our accommodations and find your perfect Jamaican retreat. We can’t wait to welcome you to Negril! 

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