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All About the Negril Lighthouse

For centuries, lighthouses have been a strategic way to guide mariners through dangerous waters to safe shores. While these structures have long played an important role, their presence and architectural beauty on coastlines across the globe has intrigued observers for just as many years. As lighthouse designs continued to evolve over time, they became even more alluring and today, when you visit Negril, you have the opportunity to set your sights on one for yourself. The next time travel plans bring you this way, don’t miss out on a chance to get an up-close look at the history-rich Negril Lighthouse.

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Lighthouse History

The Negril Lighthouse can be found on the western end of the island and dates back to construction in 1894. It was built by the French company Bernard & Bernard and today, it remains an iconic landmark in Negril. It’s visible from the countryside and from the sea thanks to its dimensions stretching 66 feet toward the sky and enjoying a placement 100 feet above sea level. As such, it’s considered the highest structure in the parish and was one of the first concrete lighthouses to be built in all of Jamaica. The foundation tank of the lighthouse was designed to be 18 feet deep and water within reinforces the concrete tower. At the top of the lighthouse, there’s a lantern and gallery with 103 steps that lead to the bird’s eye observation post. Today, the automatic light flashes on timed intervals but it was originally a gas lamp that wasn’t replaced with solar energy until 1985.

How to Best Experience and Admire the Lighthouse

While the Negril Lighthouse was once open for tours and climbing, today, it’s open exclusively for observation purposes to guests. When you take time to admire the lighthouse from the ground, you’ll be treated to its charming white concrete façade that’s simple, yet powerful against the tropical landscape backdrop. The white and red automatic light on the top hosts a combination of metal and glass topped with a wind vane, making for an elaborate scene from below. Guests who visit the lighthouse are free to explore the surrounding grounds which are spacious and provide a great place to take photos and savor the view. The ocean views from the lighthouse are equally impressive and a popular place for nature photographers to gather.

Observe the Lighthouse from a Sunset Cruise

Guests who book their stay at the Ocean Cliff Hotel have the option to book a sunset cruise that includes views of the Negril Lighthouse from the waves. This 1-hour tour departs from The Spa Retreat and passes by the Pirate Cave and the Negril Lighthouse in the evening hours, making for great photo opportunities at every turn. The experience is $70 per couple or $125 per couple for a private tour experience.

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