Aerial View of Negril Water

The History of Negril, Jamaica

The beauty of Jamaica, and more specifically our hometown of Negril, can be found in verdant tropical landscape, in the sunsets that fall into the sea, and can include the serenity that is an integral part of our Ocean Cliff Hotel of Negril vacation escapes. But when you dig a little deeper, delve into its past, you discover a richer beauty that is discovered in the stories that this island nation has to tell and today, we want to take a few minutes and tell the stories for our beloved town.

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More than Just Another Pretty Place

The name Negril is loosely translated to little black ones, derived from the black cliffs that stand majestically on the southwestern coast of our hometown, cliffs that may have been where the Taino tribes, our original settlers may have used to keep watch hoping to protect their idyllic lifestyle against invaders. Sadly, the invasions still happened, first with the Spanish trying to make Negril their home only to lose the battle against the British in the mid-17th century, invaders who might have fallen in love with the lush tropical climate that was so different than their own. Still, Negril remained largely untouched until midway through the 19th century, offering pristine beaches, small fishing villages, and wild forests where the wildlife made their homes.

The Road to the Future

In the 1960s the world began to show a little more interest in our tropical paradise, paving the path from Montego Bay to Negril and building the first hotel in 1976. As it became easier to explore the town, tourists from all over the world flocked to our shores, but unlike many touristy villages, we still managed to keep the natural beauty of the town while offering luxury and relaxation to visitors from all over the world. Some of our most important landmarks, the Great Morass, 300 acres of wetland that fed locals and provided safe harbor to local wildlife, the lighthouse offering panoramic views of the sea, even Bloody Bay which was named from the way the bay turned red back when it was a bustling whale processing center, provide quiet strength as they tell their own tales of Negril and their place within our history.

The History of Ocean Cliff Hotel

Although we are relatively new to the area, the history of Ocean Cliff Hotel is intertwined with the long history of the town where we are located. Our doors have been opened for over a decade and the guests we welcome and pamper have become a part of our history as well, with their stories becoming an integral part of who we are becoming. The couples who have taken their first steps as man and wife with us, the hard-working travelers who have discovered the joy of lethargy, the solo travelers who may find the first spark of romance in paradise; their stories are beautiful ones that are told over and over again, even as the heroes of their stories change with each new traveler who arrives at our door. Come be a part of our history and reserve the sanctuary you deserve today!

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