A colorful Jamaican boat floating along the shores of Bloody Bay, Negril.

Bloody Bay

A Jamaican vacation to Negril offers many levels of wonder. For the nature lovers, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and the rich green of tropical forests. Foodies delight at restaurants that serve delicious, locally sources meals. History buffs discover a long and rich history that fascinates visitors of all ages. Dive into Bloody Bay, a place where pirates once roamed and where guests today can enhance their vacation experience.

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History and the Name

The name “Bloody Bay” will immediately pique the interest of travelers, and there are numerous rumors behind the name. Tales of pirates suggest the name came from historical battles or incidents in the area. Another theory speaks to the red color of the bay at sunset, which could resemble blood. In truth, Bloody Bay was a 19th century hub for whalers and the location for processing their catch, leaving the bay filled with unusable parts of whales that in turn gave the water its red color. Whaling is now illegal, and despite the name, Bloody Bayis a tranquil and inviting oasis with turquoise waters and stunning white sand beaches.

Diving in Bloody Bay 

The world under the sea in Negril thrives with diverse marine life, and Bloody Bay is a diver’s paradise for enthusiasts of all levels. Offering crystal-clear waters, visibility under the surface will generally not be an issue as you discover the sea creatures that have made colorful coral reefs their home. “The Wall” is one of the most famous dive sites in Bloody Bay, featuring a dramatic drop-off where the reef plunges down into the deep blue. If you are interested in PADI Certification, Reef Explorer Dive offers a variety of certification classes as well as dive expeditions to all the top dive spots in Negril, including Bloody Bay. For those not quite ready to commit to scuba tanks and PADI certifications, Bloody Bay is an excellent place for snorkeling and swimming, too.

The Foodie Experience 

When adventures lead to rumbling stomachs, there are plenty of wonderful restaurants in the area to enjoy Jamaican cuisine. Local eateries offer authentic Jamaican street food, and the coastal location of Bloody Bay means seafood so fresh it was likely swimming just hours ago. Check out the jerk stands and restaurants around Bloody Bay that serve up spicy and flavorful jerk chicken, or maybe venture to the bars and beach shacks along the beachfront for tropical drinks and light bites. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try your hand at preparing traditional Jamaican favorites with the cooking classes offered at Ocean Cliff Hotel!

Come Home to Ocean Cliff Hotel of Negril 

After you’ve explored, swam, and indulged to your heart’s content, Ocean Cliff Hotel looks forward to providing a comfortable place to rest your head. Reserve your favorite Negril accommodations and come home every night to luxury and comfort and wake up every morning feeling rested and ready for a new day of Jamaican adventures!

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