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The Importance of Tourism in Jamaica 

Do you have a vacation coming up but have yet decided what your destination should be? Sometimes the most difficult part of vacation planning can be narrowing down your choices to just one magical destination, someplace such as Negril, Jamaica, maybe? Offering all the colors of a rainbow in a world that is often black and white, the only thing better than a vacation in Negril, is a vacation in Negril spend living it up in our Ocean Cliff Hotel Jamaican sanctuaries, but if you are a little worried about venturing this far out of your comfort zone, this guide to tourism in Jamaica and a stay with us will help give you something to look forward to instead. 

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What’s Not to Love? 

Falling in love with Negril is the easiest thing you will ever do and as you step outside the airport for the first time, the reasons why will immediately become apparent. The brilliant beauty of the azure skies, the verdant green of the landscape that surrounds you, and the soft white sands of the beaches where you will spend much of your time all blend together to create a scene that will speak to your soul. But it isn’t just the landscape that will capture your heart, or even all the fun things you will get to do during your stay, that will make you never want to leave. Getting to know the people who call this tropical land their home promises to be the highlight you will never forget, starting a love affair that is destined to last. 

Importance to the Economy 

But you may still ask, “why should I choose this quiet country that doesn’t offer an Eiffel Tower or a Grand Canyon?” Tourism in Jamaica is one of our top income generators, helping to ensure that our people can live a good life, not being forced to eke out a living. And while we don’t have the Grand Canyon, we have cliff diving at Rick’s Café, and we have the Negril Lighthouse, offering 103 steps to the top where views of the sea, the land, and maybe even the people will bring you joy. Will those things still be there if tourism came to an end in Negril? Absolutely, but if there is no one new to see it, does it really exist? 

Book Direct with Ocean Cliff Hotel 

After you spend long lazy days exploring the Negril countryside, jumping off the cliffs into crystal clear waters, hiking along the trails that meander through luxe rainforests, the realization that you contributed to the economy will make your soul feel good. The knowledge that you spent less for the same space simply because you decided to visit our Ocean Cliff Hotel website directly will make your bank account offer up a happy grin. Reserve your favorite Negril accommodations and come home every night to luxury and comfort and wake up every morning feeling rested and ready for a new day of Jamaican adventures. 

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