couple cliff jumping into crystal blue waters below

Cliff Jumping in Negril 

When it comes to vacation adventures, we at Ocean Cliff Hotel believe there are two types of travelers in this world: those who see a cliff overlooking the sea and think, “that looks like a great spot to jump from” and those who sit at the tables of Rick’s Café, watching the jumpers from a safe spot while sipping tropical beverages and perhaps shaking their heads in bewilderment! Fortunately, whichever type you may be, there are plenty of cliff jumping adventures awaiting you during your magical journey to Negril. If you aren’t quite sure which type you are as of yet, this guide to cliff jumping in Negril will help you determine the thrill-seeking levels of the adventurer that lives deep inside you. And, of course, whichever path you take, finding your way back home to our Ocean Cliff Hotel will help you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground until you are ready to fly again. 

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Safety First 

With cliffs reaching heights that range from 8 feet all the way up to 40 feet, if you have never tried the sport, it is best to start at lower heights and work your way up to the highest one you can handle; not all jumpers are going to max out at 40 feet and that is perfectly ok. The most popular cliffs to jump from in Jamaica are the ones on which Rick’s Café is located and they only (only?) reach 35 feet heights. In any case, knowing where to jump is probably the key point and if you are considering a leap from a spot where you haven’t noticed anyone else jumping, you may want to reconsider, as the other spots where the “crowds” gather are obviously popular for a reason. Save the drinking for the celebration after you have jumped, because we all know that intoxicated people aren’t known for their stability or best judgment. And finally, remember that you are jumping at your own risk and accidents can happen, so prioritize safety!

The Closest Thing to Flying 

Now that you have considered all the reasons you shouldn’t make the leap, here is one big reason why it will be one of the most exciting and fulfilling activities you have ever tried. As you stand on the edge of the cliff, the turquoise waters of the sea spread out before you, the crowds at Rick’s Café behind you cheering you on (yes, there are other spots you can jump from, but these cliffs are the most popular ones in Jamaica) you will know that the jump you are about to perform will bring you as close to flying as you ever will be without a plane. And the freedom, the excitement, and that big splash at the end of your journey will change you in ways you never thought possible. 

Continue the Adventure at Ocean Cliff Hotel

As you break the surface with that jump, the world down under will never cease to amaze, so why not consider a snorkeling journey with Ocean Cliff Hotel? We offer snorkeling expeditions that will be the perfect complement to your cliff jumping adventures and when you come home at the end of the day, your serene sanctuary will be waiting to bring you comfort and joy. Reserve your favorite cottage today! 

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