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Nature Hikes in Negril 

The stunning beauty of our Negril countryside demands to be explored and examined closely and if you didn’t plan on enjoying at least one nature hike during your Jamaica adventures, you would be doing yourself a horrible injustice. There’s a peace that can be found as you walk along trails, your footsteps muted as the nature plays with all your senses; the smell of the salt air, the sounds of birds singing in celebration of another beautiful day in paradise, the feel of the sun warming your body even as the canopies of the trees provide shade, and the cold, crisp taste of a new bottle of water. This guide to the soul satisfying nature hikes in Negril you will enjoy during your Jamaican journey also helps serve as a reminder that all trails lead back to the Ocean Cliff Hotel of Negril and the lush comforts that can be found therein. 

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Mayfield Falls Eco-Adventure Tour from Negril, El Sol Vida Tours 

It can be unsettling exploring new places on your own and if you are a little unsure about hiking through the Negril countryside by yourself, this Mayfield Falls Eco-Adventure Tour may be a great way to dip your toes into the hiking waters! Taking approximately 5 hours for the tour that includes a walk along the river and nature trail hikes that will take you and your favorite traveling companion to the Mayfield Falls. It’s a bit of a journey from Ocean Cliff Hotel to where your hike begins, but the tour company offers door to door service, picking you up at the hotel in an air-conditioned bus and bringing you back after your adventures are complete for the day. Prices start at $110 per person. 

Seven Mile Beach 

Even if you aren’t willing to hike alone in Negril, sometimes the best hikes can be the ones you take at water’s edge, feeling the warm waters curl over your feet and ankles, hearing the sounds of waves crashing against the sand and sea birds on the hunt for food and mates, and letting the serenity invade your soul. Seven Mile Beach stretches out for miles, so mind your physical capabilities as you don’t want to walk so far that the return stroll will be a tribulation to your tired feet and legs. 

Jamaican Splash 

One of the many activities we at Ocean Cliff House provide for our guests is something we call Jamaican splash. More than just another nature hike in Negril, this fun activity offers an entire day of Jamaican adventures, including a plunge in Blue Hole Mineral Spring and either a stroll through Barney’s Hummingbird Garden or an exploration of a Traditional Ganja Field (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like!) Your day of fun under the sun ends with the sunset with a photo op at the famous Negril Cliffs and a dinner at Rick’s Café. 

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No matter which of the activities you participate in, as we said earlier, all trails lead back to Ocean Cliff Hotel at Negril and when you drag your weary body through the door, our luxurious cottages will provide a hero’s welcome. Reserve your favorite escape today! 

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