Souvenir Shopping in Negril, Jamaica

The thrill of the hunt takes on new meaning when traveling, unless, of course, you are actually going on an African safari, then it does offer the same meaning. For today’s purposes, however, we are talking about the thrills of souvenir shopping during your unforgettable visit to our beautiful land, dipping in and out of shops and markets and finding all the things that will bring a smile of remembrance to your face when you return home, a spark of the excitement you felt while visiting Jamaica, and perhaps an impetus to travel and shop for even more souvenirs. This guide to the shops, markets, and craft fairs that will be where you find the best souvenirs in Negril, Jamaica will show off the fun side of life on vacation as it also displays the more comfortable side with a peek at our Ocean Cliff Hotel luxurious sanctuaries. 

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What are the Best Souvenirs to buy in Jamaica? 

Every vacation destination has those items that clearly represent the region we are visiting and in Jamaica, the items that bring back the most intense memories of your visit are ones that involve the food and drink of our country. Blue Mountain Coffee is rich and strong and may be purchased from our local Farmers Market, aged Jamaican rum, while difficult to transport, is perfect for toasting sunsets with, and Black River Chocolate can be found in nearly every shop in town. Want something extra special to remind you of the wonderful times you enjoyed on your Jamaican vacation? Irie Art, located on Norman Manley Boulevard, provides a stunning selection of locally created art, including jewelry pieces made from black opals mined right here in our country. 

Souvenirs and Seven Mile Beach 

Sometimes the most difficult part of a vacation is finding your way around the town you are visiting, especially when shopping for souvenirs. No one wants to spend all their time searching for the shops where the deals are best, and the wares are the most appealing and our Souvenirs & Seven Mile Beach excursion ensures that the hunt won’t be necessary. This excursion starts with a stop at the outdoor Time Square shopping mall where colorful open-air shops are filled with a beautiful blend of standard souvenirs and creative art pieces and ends with a visit to the beach, which is exactly how the best excursions should start and end. 

Markets and Craft Fairs 

Some of your favorite Jamaica souvenirs may also serve as the perfect gifts for family and friends who didn’t get the opportunity to join you on this trip of a lifetime and may be found at local markets and craft fairs that take place throughout the year. In February, Negril Entertainment Association presents an arts and crafts festival that should not be missed, but if you aren’t here in February, Negril Makers Market is a special event market that is open twice monthly and provides a stunning selection of locally created art, including paintings, sculptures, and even tie dye clothing that will become your favorite wearable Negril souvenir. 

Rest and Relax at Ocean Cliff Hotel 

Shopping, hiking, exploring, and beach days are all wonderful ways to fill the daylight hours of your escape to Jamaica and coming home to Ocean Cliff Hotel will be the only place you will want to be when night falls over the landscape. Reserve your favorite cottage today! 

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