Here’s Our Packing List for Jamaica

The days that lead up to your dream come true vacation in Jamaica can be fraught with anticipation and anxiety, especially as time seems to slow down and speed up so quickly you suddenly realize it is time to pack your bags. Having no idea what to pack is where the anxiety will come into play, but because you have chosen Ocean Cliff Hotel for your home sweet vacation home, you are about to discover that, yes, we recognize your worries, and as per usual, we are taking the time to eliminate them one by one! This comprehensive packing list for Jamaica outlines what you should add to your suitcase and will help you concentrate on more important things, like trying to find the perfect bikini to showcase what is definitely going to be a golden tan. 

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Packing Light is Easy 

The frustrating thing about a winter vacation anywhere else can be the need to pack heavy and bulky clothing and boots, increasing the amount of luggage you may need to carry. Your Negril trip, however, will prove to be anything but frustrating as you only need to pack the smallest and lightest items of clothing. Warm temperatures year-round ensure that shorts, tee shirts, swimsuits, and flip flops and / or water shoes take up very little room. Will you need a pair of tennis or hiking shoes for your walks and hikes? It is probably for the best, but we suggest you simply wear the correct shoes during your travels. Although Jamaica is casual, there are some nicer restaurants so you may want to pack at least one dress outfit if you are planning to enjoy an elegant evening out. 

What’s in Your Room? 

Needing to know what is in your cottage or room will make it easier to cut things from your packing list and our cottages and suites do provide a lot of the extras. Hair dryers, of course, are standard, and in many suites, fluffy robes will be offered for your use. Each room offers a cell phone that can be used for local AND international calls, negating the need for guests to incur extra expenses on their own phones. We also provide basic toiletries, complimentary water, and hypo-allergenic bed linens, so if you suffer from skin sensitivities, you won’t need to consider packing your own. 

Other Things to Consider 

The sun shines bright in Jamaica making sunscreen and sunglasses a requirement and if you are planning on spending a lot of time hiking and exploring the natural landscape, you might want to consider packing a hat. Towels are provided at the resort, and chairs surround our pools, so you can plan on leaving most beach gear behind, especially as it can be bulky, and a lot may be able to be rented during your stay. Be sure to pack any necessary prescription medications, don’t forget your passport, and because you will need to fill out some immigration forms when you first arrive in the country, consider stashing a pen with blue or black ink somewhere you can easily find it. 

Your Packing List for Jamaica Made Easy 

We hope this guide to your packing list for Jamaica has made it easier to fill your suitcases. If you are still in the initial planning stages, however, don’t forget to choose your favorite Ocean Cliff Hotel escape today! 

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