Jamaican flag with sunset in background

Your Guide to Negril Sunrises and Sunsets

We have all heard that there are only two sure things in life, death and taxes; we at Ocean Cliff Hotel believe in yet another surety, the one that states Negril sunrises and sunsets will change your life. Your Jamaican getaway and stay in our luxurious hotel will allow you the opportunity to experience the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that Negril offers.

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Worth Waking up For

We understand that a vacation is partly about getting the sleep and rest that you rarely get in real life, but you may never get the opportunity to see the town of Negril come alive again. Witnessing a sunrise in Negril is one of life’s greatest luxuries and you don’t have to do it every day, but we hope that you try to rise with the sun at least once during your stay. Normally a walk along the beach is a great place to enjoy the sunrise, but the beaches of Negril face west, meaning the sun rises away from the sea. You can still enjoy the sunrise while walking where sea meets sand, but you would just have to look away from the water to witness its beauty, which is why we suggest heading to the bridge that crosses over the Negril River, because water views always add to the charm of a sunrise. The peaceful moments as the sky turns from midnight velvet to dusky gray, then pink, and then lights up the sky with all the shades, will be worth waking up for, and of course, you can always go back to bed for a couple of more hours of shuteye.

The Moments you have been Waiting for

The perfect spots to view a Negril Sunset are plentiful, bringing peace and fire to your world. Consider a sunset cruise such as Negril & Rick’s Café Sunset Catamaran Cruise, allowing the knowledgeable captain to take you where the views are best while enjoying an up close and personal peek into the habitat of the creatures who make the sea their home, including sea turtles, tropical fish, and the occasional manta rays. But perhaps the best viewing spots for the fire in the sky can be found at shore’s edge, best experienced when walking hand in hand with your favorite traveling partner. Sharing secrets as the warm sea waters tickle your toes and ankles, feeling the serenity of the sea burrow its way into your soul, and then finally, watching Mother Nature’s greatest show begin. The golden orb we call the sun slowly sinks into the sea, shooting its fiery rays across the sky and creating a spectacle that will never cease to amaze. Miracles happen in these few remaining moments of daylight and your life will forever be changed.

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