Jamaica Reggae Month 

February in your hometown may be cold and dreary, but when you visit Negril, it is the hottest month of the year and we aren’t talking about temperatures, but about the music scene that Jamaica is best known for. February is Jamaica Reggae Month, offering a celebration that pays homage to a music genre that has put our country on the map. If this sounds interesting to you, we at Ocean Cliff Hotel invite you to dance on over to our musical sanctuaries for an experience you will never want to forget. If this is the first time you have heard of Jamaica Reggae Month, this guide to all you can expect will give you the info you need to encourage you to leave your worries behind and visit Negril in February. 

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Changing Jamaica Forever 

Although there are those that cannot remember a world in which reggae didn’t exist, it is a relatively new genre of music that only began in the late 1960s. Toots Hibbert was the first person known to sing the music we have all grown to love, but it was Bob Marley that made it popular in the 1970s. Changing the landscape of Jamaica forever, the music offers a message that is a blend of rebellion, spiritual, and positive and our month-long celebration may not be long enough. 

The Tapestry of our History 

In January of 2008, the Government of Jamaica made the announcement that February would be officially declared Reggae Month and your vacation in our country will be all the better for it. Offering a different theme every year with 2024 being honored as “A Century of Sound: Technology, Culture, and Performance. In Negril we are planning on a birthday bash for Bob Marley, one that lasts for 5 days ending on what would have been his 79th birthday and providing many hours of musical fun. The bash will offer drumming, junkanoo dancers, spicy Jamaican food, and amazing performances by a large variety of musicians, all doing their best to pay honor to the big man himself. Also featuring contests for the best impersonation of Bob Marley, a “punky reggae party” every day, and other activities and events destined to bring joy to Rastas from all over the world.  

Bring the Party Home to Ocean Cliff House 

Even as you are taking part in sponsored reggae events every day of your stay, it is altogether possible that your favorite moments will be the ones spent in the comfort of our Ocean Cliff Hotel accommodations. Stream the music of your favorite performers, Bob Marley, Manu Chao, and perhaps the son of Bob, Damian Marley, while sipping a Jamaican Rum Punch and lazing in lounge chairs by the pool, maybe even as the sun sets in a storm of fiery color. Jamaica Reggae Month will be enjoyed even more when you come home to our musical manses, so reserve your favorite today and discover why February in Negril is the best month of the year. 

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